Our Story

Gin, Grin and more Gin.

Who are we? There’s me, my other half and our little one.IMG_2644

In 2017 we made a decision to do the things that make us happy. For us it is family, music and of course…Gin.

Our extended family have lived and worked in Scotland for over 30 years in Kyle and Moray to the north, Arran to the west, North Fife, East Lothian and Edinburgh in the east and 4 of us now spend our days in Stirlingshire in the central belt. We love the beauty and richness of this wonderful country and all that it offers.

Music, is in our core we have a great local band, and having a boogie woogie piano player and piano teacher as a husband; it’s just a huge part of us.

…and Gin, well partial to a wee libation or two I have been an advocate for longer than I care to remember. As a member of the Whisky Society I would always question why we didn’t have the same for Gin…it’s quicker to make than whisky…Roll on a couple of years later and well now we do! Hooray!


What we are about.

Family is important to us, we run a small family business but we are also part of the larger and ever growing gin family in Scotland. We strive to promote the glorious craft of small scale artisan gin making. So where we can we source locally made, independent, craft gins and produce.

Our work is about having fun, using creativity, versatility and humour with our passion for gin and delivering a unique, high quality experience for our customers.

Climate and our environment is important to us. We use a mix of Vegware/biopac and reusable/recyclable products.

Scotland, Family, Gin and Fun…what more could any business want?


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