Why are we unique? Simply because we are Scotland’s Premier Horsebox Gin bar dedicated to serving a large range of craft and artisan Gins distilled and made in Scotland. We only serve Scotland’s best craft gins.


But we are also more than just a bar.   We want you to immerse yourself in a gin experience. If you love Scottish Gin then we have the ultimate Gin experience for you.

For those who want to dabble in the art of trying to find the perfect gin to adore, we can guide you towards finding THE GIN FOR YOU.  We can provide bespoke Gin Tastings for small parties, birthday do’s, get togethers and Weddings. If you have an event, we will find a way of serving you high quality Scottish Gins and our deluxe Gin products.


Scottish Artisan and Craft Gin distillers what’s in it for you? You are provided with a mobile window to showcase your amazing Gins to a wider audience. We are totally independent, and although we may promote a Gin for a week or so, we will not stick to promoting any one type; how could we, Scotland has so many wonderful Gins to offer.

Where can you find us? At Festivals, Agricultural and Country shows, Horse Trials, Rugby and Cricket matches, Winter Food markets and Street Fayres where we deliver beautiful drinks and luxurious gin produce.

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