You can’t just sell Gin??

No you can’t. So the next part in the journey was a Personal can’t sell alcohol without one.. That means going on a training course and passing an exam.

An exam…I haven’t done one of those for ages..ugh the thought filled me with dread. I started to remember those exam halls at school full of school children sitting at desks.

I look around, find a course and sign up. I then forget about it till nearer the time.

The time came, a wintry November day. The course was run well but its quite dry and I’m one of those people who get a little twitchy having to sit still for long periods of time…I start to make jokey comments. I can’t help it, it kind of just happens.

This was one of those courses! The course leader had a similar humour so thankfully that was ok. We then had a proper exam, sitting on separate tables, with pencils and an exam paper. It was multiple choice so that wasn’t too bad but ugh my life will never be the same again.

A few weeks later I found out I passed. Hooray I can now move forward.

Oh that’s not it? Nope…next I had to apply to the council for the Personal License, another application, more money then finally it arrived.

In the meantime…the box was getting worked on!


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