First blog post

On one rainy cloudy day, while quaffing my favourite libation, I say to my unsuspecting other half, “let’s set up a Gin bar and use a Horsebox”. A blank look and “Eh”?….. Not quite the response I was looking for but never the less it started the thought processes working.

A few deliberations later..”yes let’s go for it” was the reply…so here we are.. embarking on a journey to bring the wonders of Scottish Gin to the masses.

So how do you set up a Gin bar in a Horsebox.. well it seems quite straightforward, but like most things its not quite as simple as you think!

First you need a Horsebox..there are loads of these about so its easy to get one…er no its not! At the same time you put an offer in on a box, that is 200 miles away that you have never seen, so are other have to be quick and persistent in looking at every avenue. We were very lucky. Overnight I spotted that someone not that far from us was selling one and we grabbed it immediately without seeing it…we were dreading it as we journeyed down to see it but we were lucky, it was totally roadworthy. Phew!

The Horsebox before

Just need to get a logo and fit the Horsebox out now. there’s a bit more to it than that. Check out the next blog if you want to know more



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